Confessions of a Rugby Amateur

Confessions of a Rugby Amateur

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Refreshed and ready for action

It seems like only last week we were sprinting up hills in the barmy summer evenings. The relentless bleep test, like a metronome of misery, is still an all too fresh memory. And yet we find ourselves nine games into the season already…and worryingly I still haven’t scored!

With no game scheduled last week, we enjoyed some well-earned rest and re-cooperation time. It has been a tough and physically demanding start to the league so we appreciated the chance to shake off any knocks and niggles.

But any hopes of an easy week’s training were soon dashed. Brutal sprinting and fitness sessions meant no laurels were rested upon. Although, a team building curry at local Mela restaurant made it all worthwhile. The main lesson of the evening - Papa Bear Lamden can put away a lot of curry!

Papa Bear doing what he does best
The team has been sharp and focused this week. Everyone had a real spring in their step after the weekend off and were ready and raring to go. The team runs were clinical, slick and glistened with well-worked polish.

This week we play London Irish Amateur, who were promoted last year. They have enjoyed a strong start to the season and have established themselves in this league already.

There’s no doubting that it will be a difficult away trip. But we won’t make the same mistakes as we did against Tonbridge. We won’t be intimidated by the occasion, the venue or who the programme says is playing. We will concentrate on our new gameplan and show why we are fourth in the league.

These are exciting times for the Rangers!

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